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ME/CFS is a very complicated illness to understand for all concerned: sufferers, researchers, friends, family and society

We know that it’s a serious long-term physical illness that affects many systems of the body

Often it’s triggered by a viral illness

There are many thousands of research findings showing that it has a a serious impact on: mitochondria; neurological; immune and endocrine systems; amongst others

It is no surprise that, as a result, sufferers have a limited ability to exert themselves before their abilities start to shut-down. Short-term memory failure; inability to multi-task; inability to mentally process; inability to drive; or even watch television are all examples of not functioning sufficiently

There are different degrees of the illness: mild (still working), moderate (largely housebound), and severe (largely bedbound)

There may also be different sub-sets of the illness because different methods of treatment have improved the health of different ME/CFS sufferers. Some have seen improvement by: medically supporting their mitochondria; for others an anti-viral; yet others by simply living very healthily and within their new limits

Typically, ME/CFS suffers do not recover to their pre-illness level of health. Though most can achieve some level of improvement, sadly some never do

Rituximab, a serious drug that can re-set the immune system has proven to be a serious solution for some and is perhaps a leading hope in the ME/CFS community today

Biologically, ME/CFS in either it’s moderate or severe form can be as life wreaking as the more famous illnesses. That is not just opinion. Yet bewilderingly, sufferers still have to contend with a society and, to some extent, medical profession that is uninformed or who believe the illness is some form of mental disturbance or breakdown that can be resolved through determination or by having a chat with someone. Sadly, a situation that has applied to biological illness throughout history  

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